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Bento Set Catering in Singapore

Bento meals are perfect for various occasions and situations, including lunch on the go, office meetings, picnics, special diets, and food variety seekers. Our bento sets are versatile and cater to various preferences and occasions, making them a convenient and enjoyable choice for many different settings and people.

Bento Set Order Form

Treat yourself to a delightful journey through the culinary landscapes of Singapore with our Bento Set Meals. Whether exploring local favourites or indulging in international delights, our bento sets offer an authentic

Please take note of the following before placing your order:

  • Orders are confirmed once payment has been made.
  • Each set costs $14.90 before GST.
  • Minimum order of 20 sets in total.
  • Minimum orders of 5 sets per selection.
  • Delivery fee is $20 islandwide, plus delivery surcharge to offshore locations and places with no lift landing.
  • Two days’ notice before the event is required before booking.
  • Optional add-on of $2/set for packed drinks.
  • Disposable utensils will be provided.
  • Free in-store pick-up is available.

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What sets our Bento Sets apart?

Culinary Diversity

Our Bento Sets feature diverse flavours, ensuring there’s something to delight every palate. From succulent grilled meats to fresh, crisp salads, our Bento Sets are a symphony of taste and texture.

Fresh and Flavorful

We prioritize quality and freshness in every aspect of our Bento Sets. Our ingredients are sourced meticulously to ensure that each bite is flavorful.

Convenience and Style

Ideal for corporate meetings, events, or even a quick, satisfying meal on the go. Our Bento Sets come beautifully packaged and are easy to distribute, making them a hassle-free dining solution.

Dietary Accommodations

We understand the importance of accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions. Our Halal Bento Sets are crafted to adhere to strict halal standards, providing a worry-free dining experience for everyone.

Affordable Luxury

Experience the luxury of a well-prepared meal without the extravagant price tag. Our Halal Bento Sets offer exceptional value for your money.

Trusted Certification

Rest assured that our Halal Bento Sets are prepared following rigorous halal guidelines, giving you peace of mind.

Whether celebrating an intimate occasion, hosting a corporate luncheon, throwing a birthday party, or simply gathering with loved ones, our Charlie’s Mini Buffet Catering is ideal. With a wide range of dishes, you can create an unforgettable event that caters to everyone’s tastes.

Satisfy your cravings, meet your dietary requirements, and enjoy the convenience of our Charlie’s Bento Set Meals. Contact us today to order your mouthwatering Bento Sets and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates flavour, freshness, and convenience.

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